Bạn tặng gì cho một người có tất cả?

For those on your list who seem to have it all, handmade and traditional gifts on Luki are the perfect way to create a unique memory with them.

Buy gifts that are tailored and celebrate human values ​​— like shopping green and supporting the planet. These little touches make the gift even more special.

Adding personalization to gift ideas (like monograms, initials, names, hidden messages, important dates, images, etc.) creates a unique gift they can add to their collection your set.

Or, look for a gift that incorporates something meaningful to the recipient. It could be their favorite city's custom map artwork, an art print of their favorite food, or a custom pet portrait starring their favorite furry friend. Surname.

Traditional gifts are also making a comeback. These gifts carry an interesting story and are a thoughtful gift for the one who has it all.


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