Xu hướng hiện nay: Nhu cầu sử dụng hàng ngày

Current trend: Daily use needs

Bán hàngThang T
Learn about products according to customer needs and offer your store staples that are sure to make shoppers smile. Luki has always been the go-...
Cập nhật xu hướng ngày lễ năm 2020: Người mua sắm đang tìm kiếm gì ngay bây giờ

2020 Holiday Trends Update: What Shoppers Are Looking For Right Now

Bán hàngThang T
A fresh look at the top holiday searches as the holiday season heats up. While many things about this festive season may be different and new, one...
Cách tăng doanh số bán hàng từng bước một

How to increase sales step by step

Bán hàngThang T
Get tips from Luki sellers who are hitting their sales goals by breaking them down into manageable steps. When you think about setting goals for...
Cách tiếp thị doanh nghiệp của bạn trên Facebook

How to market your business on Facebook

MarketingThang T
Use our top tips for using the world's largest social media platform to increase your brand visibility and reach your target audience. Since peo...
Cách tiếp thị doanh nghiệp của bạn trên YouTube

How to market your business on YouTube

MarketingThang T
Drive new buyers to your store by creating engaging and valuable video content. Creating stand-alone video content on YouTube can have many promot...
Làm thế nào để nhận được đánh giá 5 sao

How to get a 5 star review

Bán hàngThang T
Engage your customers and get great reviews with these tips based on research from a reputable organization . Compelling reviews let any buyer w...
Khi mua hàng người mua thường hỏi những câu hỏi gì?

What questions do buyers usually ask when making a purchase?

Bán hàngThang T
Here is a list of 17 frequently asked questions and how you should answer them. Ask yourself these questions when writing product descriptions. L...
Quy định chi tiết Luật Thương mại về hàng hoá, dịch vụ cấm kinh doanh, hạn chế kinh doanh và kinh doanh có điều kiện

Detailing the Commercial Law on goods and services banned from business, restricted from business and subject to conditional business

Kiểm duyệtLUKI.VN
LIST OF GOODS AND SERVICES BANNED FOR BUSINESS (Issued together with the Government's Decree No. 59/2006/ND-CP dated June 12, 2006) TT ...
Quy định đóng gói hàng hoá của Giao Hàng Nhanh

Packing regulations of Fast Delivery

Vận chuyểnLUKI.VN
I. PACKING STANDARDS Packed with cartons, outer cardboard boxes (except for products that are not broken and deformed such as clothes, fabrics, e...
Quy định đóng gói hàng hoá của Giao Hàng Tiết Kiệm

Packaging regulations of Economy Delivery

Vận chuyểnLUKI.VN
Packing regulations are issued by GHTK to ensure the safety of goods during transportation from the Sender to the customer. Proper packaging helps...
Chụp ảnh đẹp trên Luki.vn

9 Things to do to take great photos

Bán hàngThang T
Use this list as a starting point for your next photo session. From choosing your product lighting equipment to editing your product photos. This l...
Chụp ảnh đẹp trên Luki.vn

5 common mistakes when taking product photos

Bán hàngThang T
Whether it's a blurred or underexposed close-up, poor product photos can have a negative impact on your online sales. Here are the five most commo...

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